Early Start

March 1, 2016

Project Narrative

In order to tap the existing business opportunity, the Company is in the process of implementing “Early Production Facilities” (EPF) as phase 1 of the project – this enabling the Company to start delivering regasified LNG to consumers by early 2018. The EPF shall mainly consist of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) moored against the jetty, hard gas un-loading arms and minimal on-shore receiving and dispatch facilities. Jetty and other related facilities as required shall be designed in the beginning itself for the permanent land based LNG terminal i.e. phase 2.

The Company intends to start commercial operation with the EPF in early 2018, with an annual capacity of around 3 to 4 MMTPA. Common facilities for phase 1 & phase 2 shall however be designed for the ultimate capacity of 8 MMTPA.

In this regard, the Company is in the advanced stage of chartering of FSRU, construction of jetty & on-shore receiving facilities, and tie-in pipeline.
In developing the EPF, care is being taken that the development does not impair Base Case construction activities. Once the onshore facility has been commissioned, the FSRU will be demobilised and the jetty freed up to receive LNG carriers.

Key Project Milestones

Schedule Timeline
Extension of breakwater Completed
Channel dredging Completed
FSRU Chartering activities Awarded
Start of construction of jetty head and trestle
Tie-in pipeline construction contractor mobilisation Q3 – 2017
Jetty-head and trestle construction Q2 – 2018
Jaigard to Dabhol tie-in line Q2 – 2018
FSRU arrival at jetty head Q1 – 2018
Commissioning and Start-up Q2 – 2018
Commercial Operations Date(COD) Q2 – 2018

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