About Jaigarh Port

March 1, 2016

JSW Jaigarh Port is an SPV of JSW Infrastructure. It has entered into a concession agreement with the Government of Maharashtra. Currently, the port is fully operational with 2 berths, having a cargo handling capacity of 15 million tonnes per annum.

JSW Jaigarh Port is an existing all-weather deep water port which provides tranquil marine conditions for berthing LNG vessels up to Q-max size. The port has an existing breakwater which ensures continuous berthing operations throughout the year. The location of the LNG terminal thus provides significant benefits and flexibility to the customers; bringing in a wide range of vessels from the LNG carrier fleet.

H-Energy has entered into a Port Service Agreement and Sub-Concession Agreement with JSW Jaigarh Port or Ratnagiri (JSW Port)-Jetty Based Berth for setting up an LNG regasification terminal at the Port.


Port Infrastructure and Facilities:

• All weather deep water port
• Short approach channel of 1.6 nautical miles
• Port is presently handling bulk cargo vessels upto Panamax capacities
• Draft of 14.1 m all along the approach channel, sufficient to handle Q-max size LNG vessels
• Breakwater of approximately 500 m length already constructed, providing sufficient tranquil conditions at the LNG berth
• Year-round operations with night navigation facilities available at the port


Port Responsibilities:
• Maintenance of breakwater
• Maintenance of approach channel, turning basin, LNG berth, Jetty Based Berth
• Capital & Maintenance dredging at approach channel, turning basin and LNG berth pocket
• Maintenance and operation of tugs
• Pilotage and Mooring
• Construction of LNG jetty sub-structure

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