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Rejuvenating through Upa-Yoga

January 4, 2017

H-Energy Employees enthusiastically participated in the Upa-Yoga Session organised by experts from Isha Foundation, on 16th December 2016. Isha Foundation is a leading provider of scientifically structured yoga-based solutions and over 2 million people worldwide have benefited from the program. Upa-Yoga session is the simplest form of Yoga exercise which can be learnt in as little time as three minutes and the benefits are immense.
Prolong working hours in office strains neck, shoulder and back muscles which leads to tension and stiffness. Upa-Yoga helps in dealing with the stressful working condition and can be practiced in any posture and anywhere. Seven sets of Upa-Yoga practices were taught in the session which involved yoga for health, success, peace, well-being, joy, inner-exploration and love.
The program objective was to:
• Provide healthy, focused and relaxed environment for employees
• Enhance employee creativity and problem-solving skills significantly
• Improve interpersonal relationships

The application of the 90 minutes yoga traits learnt during the session will help employees to relax and rejuvenate themselves even during working hours.


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