Employee Corner

Life at H-Energy

April 12, 2016

We believe that an effective organization is a place where people are energized and inspired to give their best, to stretch, to excel and to achieve the laid down goals Considering this we aim to practice inclusive management which will enable to make our Human Capital more engaged and aligned to our business goals.
To achieve the above objective, we intend to make our processes and systems more employee friendly.

We focus on actively creating a high-engagement culture by encouraging inputs and initiatives from all employees through focused group sessions, open houses, informal gatherings and town hall meetings.

We encourage our young & dynamic talent pool to be enterprising and progressive.

We strongly believe in collaborative work culture with emphasis on team building, innovation and information sharing within the group.

We support our employees to maintain & achieving a healthy work life balance.

We believe that energizing people really matters !!

Our Recent Activites

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