Employee Corner

Christmas Celebration And Zumba

February 16, 2018

H Energy hosted celebration for Christmas and New Year on December 22, 2017. Christmas and the New Year season is the perfect occasion for that rare get-together with the office colleagues. These celebrations usher in some holiday cheer among the office staff that actually serves in boosting the productivity of employees. The preparation at H Energy started with the office decor that is done according to the occasion. A Christmas tree was placed in the middle of the reception area. The entire staff was engaged in decorating the tree by using colourful ribbons, lace, glitters, coloured bulbs etc.

To double the excitement a ZUMBA session was organised by H Energy’s HR team – ZUMBA at the workplace can really help employees of an organization on many levels. They help strengthen a person physically, assist the digestive, immune and other bodily systems and also help the mind to remain calm, alert and focused.

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