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H-Energy for shore-based re-gasification in Haldia LNG project

February 16, 2018

Hiranandani Group-promoted H-Energy, which is executing a Rs 3,500-crore project to import and distribute LNG in West Bengal, has decided upon the shore-based regasification terminal model to expedite work. The company expects to complete the liquefied natural gas project at Haldia within the next 18-24 months.

“We have decided a model that will have an off-shore LNG Floating Storage Unit (FSU) and a regasification terminal at shore near Digha for faster execution,” H-Energy CEO Darshan Hiranandani told PTI.

Transportation major ‘K’ Line has a 26 per cent stake in a joint venture with H-Energy to execute and manage the storage and literage part (FSU) of the imported LNG project valued at USD 300 million, Hiranandani said. ‘K’ Line is estimated to supply 155,000 m3 LNG FSU.

However, the regasification terminal at the shore near Digha will require about USD 250 million, which will be executed solely by the Hiranandani Group, he said. “We are very excited to bring natural gas in large quantities in West Bengal by January 2020. We are enthused with the response received from Haldia and Kolkata region, which can receive assured supply of this green fuel,” Hiranandani said. H-Energy intends to execute the LNG project in phases, slowly ramping up capacity from 1.0 to 4.0 million metric tonne per annum (MMTPA). It can be later scaled up to 6.0 MMTA. The company will construct a station near Haldia to receive LNG by shuttle carriers, where it is stored and regasified in a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), holding approximately 40,000 m3. The initial capacity of this unit will be around 1.0 MMTPA. H-Energy will be constructing pipelines of about 100 kilometre to supply gas in Haldia and West Bengal, Hiranandani said, adding, the natural gas is also proposed to be exported to Bangladesh.

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