“CSR isn't a particular programme, it's what we do every day, maximising positive impact and minimising negative impact.”

CSR Activities

H-Energy considers itself as an entity committed to the betterment of the society and the welfare of the masses. We are strong believers that with our commitment, we can bring a sea of change in the lives of the people which will directly or indirectly benefit the society at large.With an aim of having a bird's eye view about the needs of the society, we appointed the National CSR team of TISS to carve out a community needs and perception study.
The study helped us carry out certain programs for easing the lives of the people. Here are a few of our initiatives.

• Distribution of IT products to School.
The ZillaParishad schools located in Kudli, Sade,Jambhari, Vaghavali, Dodavali villages in Guhaghar districtwere provided with facilities such as computers, projectors, printers to make them equipped with the technologies that will ease the teaching for the students. Similar work is being undertaken for the schools in the villages of Palpene, Shiv and Talavali

• Sponsorship for RatnagiriParyatanMohotsav.
The idea of the event was to promote tourism and add more small scale business in the belt, thereby generating employment.

• Repairs and development works
H-Energy, under its CSR initiative undertook the repairs of the compound wall and the development of a garden for a Marathi school in the village of SakhriBudruk.

• Drinking water pipeline connection
The company installed a drinking water pipeline connection for the ZillaParishadschool in Dodovali village

• Skill development and other initiatives
Along with other projects to facilitate the ease of living, the company is also considering setting up skill development centre in various villages.

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