CEO’s Message

April 12, 2016

We are proud that H-Energy shall start supplying natural gas through its own terminal at Jaigarh, Maharashtra in March 2021. Achieving this demanding project has only been possible through fantastic teamwork and support that we have received from all our stakeholders.

For H-Energy, the project is not just about managing operations of terminal, but delivering quality services to the end consumers. We firmly believe that clean energy infrastructure development is an immediate requirement of the country and at H-Energy we are willing to make long term commitments to take the path of sustainable development. We intend to create long term partnerships with gas consumers and LNG suppliers to create a win-win model for the sector. We further intend to build LNG retail infrastructure to support the enhancement of use of LNG/CNG as clean transport fuel.

We have seen a growing awareness and a clear transition towards the usage of clean and green energy and support from the Government via prudent policies to make natural gas ubiquitous and affordable. In keeping with this, H-Energy is progressing at a fast pace on its vision to provide environment friendly source of energy to the nation. H-Energy remains committed to delivering the benefits of natural gas from being not just environmentally friendly but customer friendly in terms of safety, price, reliability and flexibility. All this is only achievable through a focus on all parts of the supply chain – infrastructure, molecule, policy and regulation.

With the valued support and continuous trust of all our stakeholders, we are set to flag-off our commercial operations in March 2021. To meet the challenges ahead and fulfil all our stakeholders’ expectations, we have structured the company’s strategic initiatives which will embrace sustainable business practices, focus on enhancing customer experience, increase operational efficiency and will focus on people’s development.

We are committed on our mission of creating vital clean energy infrastructure to expand the usage of natural gas in India .

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