LNG Terminal Project – Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

January 31, 2019

Project overview:

H-Energy is developing an FSU based LNG re-gasification project in Andhra Pradesh on the Eastern Coast of India which will serve as a major LNG hub in a “Hub and Spoke” LNG supply model. The project will serve as the hub for other LNG projects including Kukrahati terminal in West Bengal and other demand centers in the neighbouring countries.

The Andhra Pradesh LNG terminal will host an FSU of approximately 170,000-210,000 m3 capacity, with a vaporiser onshore of 4 MMTPA capacity to supply re-gasified LNG to customers in Andhra Pradesh through natural gas pipelines. The project will have truck loading facilities as well to supply LNG by tankers to customers in Eastern & Southern India. The project is expected to be commissioned by Q1 2021