AC LNG Canada

March 2, 2016

Project Overview

AC LNG plans to develop an LNG liquefaction project comprising a floating and onshore natural gas liquefaction plant. The Project will be located at Byers Cove, in Middle Melford, Nova Scotia. Commercial Operation date of the project is Q1 2023. AC LNG has secured an option agreement with the Province of Nova Scotia for approximately 370 acres of land at Byers Cove in the Melford Industrial Reserve, located in eastern Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Strait of Canso and near the Maritime and Northeast Pipeline.
AC LNG is evaluating the prospect of sourcing feed gas supply from the United States, Western and Eastern Canada. The gas will be transported to the proposed project via a Canadian transportation route or a U.S. transportation route. The Project could be critically important for the future energy security of Nova Scotia as well as for Maritime Gas consumers situated in European gas markets.

Key Project Highlights

Sponsor A C LNG Inc.
Location Middle Melford, Nova Scotia
Port in vicinity Port Hawkesburg
Capacity 4.5 mtpa Train 1 (Train 2&3 4.5mmtpa each)
Timeline Q1 2023(Train1)
producers for gas sourcing of 1.5 bcfd ~ 9mtpa
Sourcing Offtake Term sheet in discussion with aggregators/
Indian and European Customers and Traders

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