Our Commitment

Our Commitment

H-Energy is committed to a sustainable future. We are focused on a future that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Natural gas is considered one of the best environmentally friendly fuels. The drawback of natural gas is methane leakage and flaring. We have already committed ourselves to a ‘nil’ methane leak assurance through our LNG terminal and natural gas pipeline.

Further, we are committed to ensure ‘zero’ carbon emissions (carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) in all our energy pursuits by 2030. This shall be done by ensuring that a non-emitting source (renewables, hydrogen, etc.) shall be used to power our LNG receiving infrastructure and pipeline systems.

We believe that several technologies will succeed in ensuring a sustainable future and H-Energy intends to develop those technologies. We are already studying various aspects of the Hydrogen supply chain and shall be at the forefront of implementing suitable technologies. We are currently studying various possible routes of Hydrogen production and we remain committed to pilot one program by 2025.

1) Steam Methane Reforming with Carbon Capture and Storage
2) Methane Pyrolysis
3) Biomass Gasification
4) Electrolysis

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