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A step towards a better tomorrow!

January 29, 2018

Delhi can witness a sign of relief anytime soon now as reports suggest that by March 15th all industrial units operating in Delhi must switch to piped natural gas (PNG) from any other fuel source they are currently using.
Industries which fail to comply with the order will be shut down, says the EPCA (Environment Pollution, Prevention and Control Authority)
Delhi is subject to high levels of air pollution and the situation keeps on getting worse by the day. The officials have indefinitely taken upon themselves to fight the rising pollution levels in the capital city. In a review meeting of the “Graded Response Action Plan” an environment department official said: “We have already given directions that all industries in the city must either convert to PNG or we will shut them down. Many people have already started the process. We have sent letter to 700 units and 100 more are being sent.”
EPCA have appreciated the initiative and EPCA member, Sunita Narian told the representatives of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan to try and execute this model in their states.
EPCA chairman, Bhure Lal in a meeting with Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baikal raised the issue of industries running in Badli, Bawana and Narela areas using non-approved fuels and burning garbage which is causing severe air pollution and needs to be checked on.
Other discussions in the meeting involved allowing the use of generators if they use gas as a fuel.
No other fossil fuel is as clean and safe as Natural Gas and opting to use it as the ultimate source of energy is definitely a positive step in evolving into a better India and creating a clean, green and brighter future for the many generations to come.