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Skyroot unveils India’s first pvt cryogenic rocket engine that runs on LNG

October 8, 2020

CHENNAI: Skyroot Aerospace today unveiled India’s first privately developed indigenous fully cryogenic rocket Dhawan-I engine running on high performance fully cryogenic rocket propellants- Liquid Natural gas (LNG) & Liquid Oxygen (LoX).The company announced this on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary of renowned Indian rocket scientist- Dr.Satish Dhawan.

The company said it is 100 per cent 3D Printed, uses 100 per cent cryo propellants – LNG/LoX and is 100 per cent ‘Made in India’, said Pawan Kumar Chandana. CEO, Skyroot.He added, “our engine is named ‘Dhawan-I’ in honour of eminent Indian rocket scientist Dr. Satish Dhawan who played an instrumental role in development of the Indian space programme”.

“Dhawan-I is a 100% 3D Printed cryogenic engine with regenerative cooling. This is first among a series of engines being planned with various thrust levels,” added Chandana.After successfully completing many tests to check the fuel flow and structural integrity, the company is building a dedicated test facility for hot fire testing of this engine.

“LNG (>90% Methane) is clean burning, low cost, highly reusable and safe cryogenic fuel which is also ideal for longer duration deep space missions carrying satellites or humans – perfectly aligned with the long-term vision of Skyroot,” said Chandana.“This engine is India’s first fully cryogenic engine running on futuristic fuel LNG ”, said V. Gnanagandhi, a former ISRO scientist, Padmashri awardee and a pioneer of cryogenic rocket propulsion in India. Gnanagandhi is currently the senior vice president at Skyroot and is leading their cryogenic propulsion team.


Source : https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/skyroot-unveils-india-s-first-pvt-cryogenic-rocket-engine-that-runs-on-lng-120092500433_1.html