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LNG: The New Backbone of Trucking Industry

March 29, 2018

Natural Gas is a rapidly growing phenomenon globally, this fuel has not kept India out of the loop either. India is treading down the path to run long-distance trucks and buses on LNG, or gas imported ships, keeping in consideration the highly polluted cities of the country.

Big biz corporate giants are stepping into this scene. They are wagering their natural gas intakes on trucks and buses. Among these investors are huge names such as Petronet, Shell and H-Energy. This crucial measure has been taken keeping into light the growing pollution levels in the country. Looking forward to cut down on emissions, encouragement to use LNG as a transportation fuel is absolutely must in India where almost 70% vehicles still run on diesel. Even the government has paved the way for the creation of LNG refuelling stations and help start commercial services by LNG vehicles.

This is the very vision of H-Energy, the energy arm of Hiranandani Group of Companies. H-Energy Pvt., a new entrant in the business that plans to start its first re-gasification terminal later this year, is also banking on trucks, buses and small industries to drive volumes. In an interview, H-Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Darshan Hiranandani said that, “India’s trucks can consume 12 million tons of LNG annually within seven to eight years if regulators support the move to the fuel for trucks.”

H-Energy plans to invest about 10 billion rupees to create LNG retailing infrastructure in India, beginning with refilling stations. LNG will bring the much needed peace to our environment. This will make the Indian transport sector the latest entrant – after a handful of nations led by the US and China – to the LNG covenant.

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