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India’s first LCNG hub station comes up at Waghodiya

May 29, 2018

The first LCNG hub and spoke station of India was inaugurated on 01 April 2018 by a firm based in Waghodiya industrial estate.

In the presence of officials from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), LNG Express India Pvt. Ltd. demonstrated the functioning of the LCNG hub and spoke model. IOCL supplies LNG to the company.

The main purpose of the LCNG station will be to deliver natural gas for refuelling vehicles. This will be made available in either liquid or gaseous form. The designing is done by the parent company of LNG Express India Private Limited – Cryogas Industry’s Group.

Through the third generation technology, LNG is stored in a storage tank and later pressurised at a high pressure of 250 kg per cm square.

“From the same storage tank, LNG will be also provided as a vehicle fuel for heavy duty trucks and vehicles to replace the use of diesel,” said Nayan Pandya, owner of the group.Pandya added that the group invested nearly Rs 5 crore for the developing the technology indigenously.

Future plans include setting up similar stations across the nation and whilst doing so help other companies involved in gas distributions to build similar stations in their area of operation.

“With the LCNG stations, CGD companies can supply gas to their last mile customer before they start laying natural gas pipelines which require huge investment,” he said, “the same equipment can be shifted to other places to supply gas to another set of customers.”

With 40% consumption, Gujarat is the highest natural gas consuming state in the country.

“Through this technology, we can start supplying LCNG to states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Southern parts of the country, where even a proper pipeline network to supply natural gas is missing,” he said.

Source: The Times of India