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India: nine power plants chosen for R-LNG gas subsidy

March 21, 2016

India’s government on Monday said it will revive nine stranded gas-based power plants following the conclusion of the repeated gas subsidy auction process.
The initial auction held on March 15 was annulled due to a technical issue with the electronic bidding platform that hampered competition as bidders were unable to bid in negative numbers.
In the repeated auction held on March 20, nine bidders were allocated 7.63 million cubic meters per day of regasified LNG, ministry of power said in a statement.
The nine plants with an installed capacity of 5942 mW will generate 6.79 billion units of electricity to the buyer from April 1 until September 30, 2016.
Ministry of power added that the grid-connected gas-based power generation capacity in the country is 24,150 mW. Of this, a capacity of 14,305 mW had no supply of domestic gas. These comprise 29 plants which were eligible to participate in the auction process, however, 11 plants with a cumulative installed capacity of 6626 MW participated in the bidding.