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March 1, 2016

H-Energy aims to provide RLNG to various industries as fuel, feedstock and raw material, and LNG as transportation fuel.

RLNG as fuel, feedstock and raw material

Customers at present depend on a reliable and green source of energy to fulfill their commercial and financial objectives, without conceding on quality and cost of the end product.


Be it for powering generators, firing furnaces or boilers, consuming as feedstock or raw material, as a fuel for cooking or transportation or any other application, at H-Energy, we are in the business of delivering reliable, clean and cost effective RLNG.


LNG as Transportation Fuel

Road Transport

Liquefied-Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) is an environment friendly fuel which lessens carbon emission by 50%, NOx emissions by 75% and RSPM emissions by 90% compared with other fossil fuels.

H-Energy aims direct marketing of LNG as a transportation fuel for long haul transports such as trucks and buses. H-Energy is also planning to set up LCNG Retail Outlets across various States of India by Q4 2021.


Marine Transport

Recently, the maritime industry has seen increased interest in the usage of LNG to meet stringent environmental Regulations. LNG Bunkering is a practice of providing LNG to a ship for its own consumption. H-Energy plans to supply LNG as bunker fuel from Jaigarh FSRU through barges to various Indian Ports.



The Government of India has announced its plan to use LNG as a fuel for Indian Railways. At present, Indian Railways consume about 2.5 billion liters of diesel annually. The Government has projected that equivalent natural gas consumption will be about 1.8 million tons at 95 per cent substitution. LNG is a perfect fuel for heavy duty engines involved in long haul transport across long distances. H-Energy is looking forward to supply LNG to Indian Railways and be the part of green revolution.


Access to Gas Market through Pipelines

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March 1, 2016


March 1, 2016