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H-Energy group has established H-Energy Mideast DMCC (HEMD), an LNG sourcing and portfolio optimization company in Dubai in the year 2014. The prime objective of setting up this company is to source LNG from various sources through flexible and economic contracts, to create an LNG portfolio. HEMD, by using hedging and portfolio optimization will offer tailor made and competitive LNG supply contracts to H-Energy Gas Marketing Company (HEGMPL) and various other customers in India as per their varying sourcing requirements.

Since its inception, HEMD has been in the process of creating an LNG portfolio consisting of diverse LNG contracts. H-Energy Mideast DMCC has signed LNG sale and purchase contracts with major LNG suppliers including LNG producers, portfolio players, LNG traders and a mid-term LNG supply contract with Petronas in the year 2018.

HEMD's LNG portfolio includes supplies from Middle East, Malaysia and Europe, in future HEMD also expects to source LNG from the US, Australia & Africa. The contracts are linked to Brent Index, Henry Hub Index and JKM Index.

HEMD started its physical trading operations in Q4 2018. In FY 2018/2019 HEMD's total traded LNG volume is expected to be 0.3 MMT. HEMD is planning to start handling more LNG volumes with the start of its other term/spot contracts from 2019 onwards. HEMD's total traded volume is expected to reach 1.5 MMT in2019-20 going up to 7 MMT in 2023-24.

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