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H-Energy group has established an LNG trading company in Dubai, H-Energy Mideast DMCC (HEMD), a wholly owned subsidiary of H-Energy Global Ltd. HEMD was established on 6th August 2014, since then it has created an LNG portfolio consisting of diverse long-term, medium-term and short-term LNG contracts from sources linked to oil and gas price indexes. The LNG portfolio will enable HEMD to offer various flexible and competitive contracts to the customers across various segments looking to source LNG from the international markets.

HEMD’s affiliates are developing two LNG receiving terminals in India, first FSRU terminal at Jaigarh in the state of Maharashtra on the west coast of India and another near Haldia in the state of West Bengal on the east coast of India. The total LNG requirement for these terminals will be around 7 MMTPA, which provides HEMD an opportunity to build its LNG portfolio with a certain downstream outlet. HEMD is planning to start handling LNG volumes with spot cargoes starting from September 2018 and will be handling term volumes from 2019 onward.

H-Energy has signed LNG Sale and Purchase contracts with LNG suppliers which include LNG producers, liquefaction capacity holders, LNG off-takers, LNG portfolio players and LNG traders. Such a wide spectrum of acquiring LNG contracts provides HEMD with possibility to cater to different buyers’ requirements. H-Energy Mideast DMCC is offering Long-term, medium-term and short-term LNG supplies on Delivered ex Ship (DES) basis as well as on Free on Board (FOB) basis depending upon customers’ requirements. HEMD is also signing Master Sale and Purchase Agreements (MSPAs/MSAs) with LNG suppliers and buyers in order to optimize its LNG portfolio and offering spot LNG cargoes on DES basis as well as offering six months to one year LNG strip deals to its customers.

HEMD’s LNG portfolio includes supplies from Middle East, Australia, Malaysia, Europe and US linked with Brent Index, Henry Hub Index, NBP Index and fixed pricing therefore HEMD is able to offer multiple type of contracts depending upon HEMD’s customers’ preference. HEMD is willing to provide a range of pricing options along with various flexibilities as per the requirements and demand profile of its customers. HEMD is also utilizing Hedging and Risk Management services in order to minimize risk and optimize its portfolio.

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